The daily program at Pixieland includes the following: General hygiene practiced and taught from an early age. Social activity through combined projects and plays. The various projects aim at the situation of the child’s intellect. Creative

PRE-SCHOOL Writing: The right way to handle a pen or pencil and the copying of letters. Reading: The recognition of basic sounds and informal reading. Mathematics: Numbers, shapes and grouping  

Kinetika (development of muscles) Stimizone (computer training) Kidz World of Rugby Please note that there will be extra charges for the above and monies must be paid directly to the above persons.  

To be advised  

Breakfast will be served at 08:00.  Lunch will be served at 11:30. In case your child is allergic to any foods, it is your responsibility to inform the teacher with enrollment so it can be added to the child’s file. You must supply your

SCHOOL HOURS Half day:          06:30 – 13:00 Full day:           06:30 – 17:30 Children should be handed over to the teacher personally and should

Please see to it that your child attends school on a regular basis. No report concerning your child’s progress can be given when school is not attended regularly. In the event that a child is going to be absent for more than three days, kindly

Pixieland closes on the 15th of December each year (unless it is a weekend) and re-opens the second Monday in January. Pixieland will be closed on public holidays. During regular school holidays some of the teachers will be on leave. For this re

Children with contagious diseases may not attend Pixieland. This also applies in the case of head lice. Please be so kind to inform us if you child was in contact with other children with any contagious diseases or when you suspect that he/ she

All medicine brought to school must be clearly marked with the child’s name and usage. Please hand the medicine in to the relevant teacher. Please write in medicine file the amount and times medicine must be given.   Remember you ar

When the weather permits the children will play outside for a period in the mornings as well as in the afternoons. Please do not request that your child must stay inside while the others are at play outside. We do not have the staff to watch a g

Notes and newsletters will be addressed to parents. These notes will be placed in the child’s bag and it is the parent’s responsibility to check your child’s bag for letters.  

Every six months a report card will be handed to the parents to give you insight of your child’s progress at Pixieland.  

 Parents night will be advised. This is an opportunity where the teacher and the parent get to know each other better. Please make use of this day to discuss any problems with us. The child’s report card will be used at this event. &n

The annual school concert will take place at the end of every year in November/December. Parents will be notified of the date and further details.  

All clothes, bags, bottles, lunch boxes, blankets and suitcases must be clearly marked. There is a basket for all lost items, please go through the box regularly in case of lost property. If you find clothes or any other thing in your child’s

Please do not let your child bring sweets or other refreshments to school unless there is enough for all the children. TOYS ARE NOT ALLOWED (teacher discretion).  

A birthday is a great event in a small child’s life and parties at the school are more than welcome

FEES AND REGULATIONS Registration fee:                                   &nbs

-                      Kinder Kinetika  -  An honours degree in Kinderkinetics.  Are trained to stimulate children optimally a

Kidz World of Rugby is a holistic program that focuses on the overall gross motor development of children as well as training of basic rugby techniques and skills.  Attention is given to basic ball skills, development of motor skills, cogni

Pre School  3 – 6 years (Integrated learning program based on MS Office) Computer Literacy contents -     Mouse Skills -     Keyboard skills -     Turning the computer on/off